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Are you providing the essential details that website visitors need to trust you?

TrustGauge™ helps website owners provide consumers important, up to date information about their website and online business. Complete the TrustGauge form with all of your contact details and over 100,000 Web users will have current information about your business available within their browser when they visit your website. By taking just a few minutes of your time, you can increase your TrustScore™ to a and make a positive impression on the Web community through Ranking.com, BestSearch.com and the BrowserAccelerator toolbar - which 25,000 surfers are downloading each month! Modify Your TrustGauge Score Below For Free!

Can you ensure surfers that your website details have been verified by a third party?

Sometimes you need to go the extra mile.
Through ValidatedSite.com, you contract a trusted, independent third party to verify and validate the information that you provide on your website to consumers. While the TrustGauge service helps website owners provide information that consumers need, no other service on the Web actually verifies the details that you provide to website visitors when they need it. Display the trusted ValidatedSite.com Seal of Approval and improve your chances of making a sale, collecting leads and building beneficial relationships with your prospects. The cost to validate the your data will pay for itself with just one extra sale!




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Why Provide Us the Correct
Information about Your Website?

- Over 100,000 surfers have downloaded the BrowserAccelerator toolbar which allows them to see, within their browser, the TrustGauge score of every site they visit.

- Over 6,000 surfers download the BrowserAccelerator toolbar every month, many of which may visit your site and see your TrustGauge score.

- Tens of thousands of Internet users visit
Ranking.com every month and see how your company ranks among competitors within your category of business.

- The TrustGauge is currently displayed over 10 million times ever month through BestSearch.com, Ranking.com and the BrowserAccelerator toolbar.

Tips to Improve Your TrustGauge Score
- Provide all possible information that your readers need about your company.
- Always list your company's exact location; postal address, not a PO Box.
- Include your phone number for consumers and email for our verification purposes.
- Use a privacy statement and make it easy to locate
- Use a third-party validation service

What is Third-Party Validation?
Third-party website validation means that an independent organization can ensure surfers that your website's critical information such as phone numbers, email and postal addresses, secure billing pages and privacy policies are present and have been verified for accuracy and integrity. Validation and verification helps build trust with visitors and increases your chances of success. TrustGauge assigns points for the presence of third party validation seals, based on their overall contribution to your trustworthiness from the perspective of a consumer.

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