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TrustGauge Media Room:

Web Business Rating and Review Tool TrustGauge
Helps Consumers Keep Businesses In Line

Online Web business rating resource helps consumers protect themselves and one another by allowing them to review, rate and research businesses on the Internet for free. TrustGauge encourages businesses to act on behalf of their customers and exposes those that do not.

Proactive Spyware Avoidance with TrustGauge;
Searching For Credibility Online

Over 138,000 people have adopted an alternative to spyware removal programs in TrustGauge.com.

PPC Value Rating and Trust Report Released
AdxChange.com released a report indicating value and trust ratings for the most popular PPC (pay per click) search engines.

About the Company:
TrustGauge.com is part of a family of over 1,000 Internet domains designed with the web community in mind. As a leader in making the Internet all that it can be, our array of affiliations  makes us the premier online resource for helping users to determine the overall trustworthiness of web sites. 
TrustGauge.com has the backing and resources of EMERgency 24, Inc., its' 36-year-old U.S. parent company with 24-hour personnel in Chicago, Detroit, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Santiago, Chile.

How TrustGauge Works
TrustGauge(tm) is offered through Browser Accelerator, an exceptional freeware toolbar that provides users with access to detailed information on any site appearing in a browser window.

TrustGauge.com works in a similar fashion to that of a credit bureau, whereby we gather information in various forms in order to calculate a particular score.  While a low credit score does not mean you never paid your bills or that you were late in paying them, it does mean that certain businesses who may examine your credit worthiness in the future will find you to be too risky to do business with.  TrustGauge.com adopts a similar philosophy in that, if you have a low Trust Score™ it may be the result of you not having enough data submitted to us, and not the result of you being a lawless or fraudulent web site. 

In the case of TrustGauge.com, the consumers will be the ultimate decision makers on whether or not your Trust Score™ is sufficient enough for them to feel comfortable in doing business with your web site.  Please note that nothing stated within the TrustGauge.com web site or any of TrustGauge.com's related services is to be construed as a statement of fact.  TrustGauge.com, through its Trust Score™ and related services, calculates a web site's Trust Score™ based on criteria that is subjectively determined by TrustGauge.com.  There are not set standards for measuring or determining a web site's trustworthiness in the same manner that a credit bureau calculates a consumers creditworthiness.  However, TrustGauge.com through its related services, hopes to become the standard by which all other web sites will be judged for trustworthiness.

Services that currently use the TrustGauge score:
TrustGauge scores are provided to Internet users carrying the BrowserAccelator™ toolbar and to hundreds of web sites and publications using Ranking.com results or the One-Click Site Details program. We expect search engines to add Ranking.com and TrustGauge™ data to their search results in the near future. To see an example of TrustGauge scores within search results, visit Meta Crawler Search Engine or Best Search.

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