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Are The Terms of the Sale Clearly Disclosed?
Are the terms and conditions of the sale clearly stated, including product availability/shipping information, prices and customer costs, return or refund policy, and warranties and guarantees? Does the merchant provide an opportunity to review and approve the transaction, prior to its completion? Is the consumer provided the option to receive a confirmation of the transaction after it's been completed?

Tools to Verify Website Contact Information

Does the online merchant disclose specific contact information about the business, including a street address, telephone number, fax number and name of an individual to contact?

About Privacy and Security Statements for Consumers
Is there an easy-to-find, easy-to-understand privacy policy? Does the policy advise customers of choices regarding the business' collection, use and disclosure of personal information?

Popular Internet frauds and scams
Are the advertising claims on the site truthful, and can they be substantiated? Are there "get rich quick" claims that seem too good to be true? Are there outlandish "miracle cure" or other health claims? Are price claims believable? Does the online advertiser misuse hyperlinks to create the false impression of affiliation or endorsement?


Trust & Website Rankings
Find out where your favorite website ranks against the top 1,000,000 sites on the Web at Ranking.com. This absolutely free service provides "relative popularity statistics" on page views, unique visitors, visits, and links. View the Internet/Web Site Traffic Rankings.

Webmasters: Add an Internet Web Site Security Seal
Webmasters and site owners seeking legitimacy in the eyes of their Internet visitors can use the ValidatedSite.com Validation process. Gain the confidence of your sites' users to increase sales or lower abandon rates. Improve your standing in the Internet community and build consumer confidence by adding an Internet Security Seal to your web site. Learn more ValidatedSite.com.


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