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Is information on websites truthful and accurate?
Popular Internet frauds and scams

One of the most popular Internet frauds is the get rich quick scheme. It is so common that advertising promoting these businesses has reached a good portion of the world by email. It is so pervasive that websites featuring get rich quick schemes can be found in the dozens by searching the Internet for keywords such as "work at home," "MLM," and even "ebook." These businesses often promise incredible amounts of money for only a small fee and a small time expense. They appeal to people's love of convenience, as well as hopes of material comfort and success. However, many people have found the businesses to be unprofitable, a waste of money, and often fraudulent. Despite the popularity of get rich quick schemes, there are several ways that people can avoid losing money to these businesses.

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Avoiding frauds anywhere, especially the Internet, requires the use of common sense and research. A person who wishes to save time and money must not only pause to think about the validity of the schemes, but that person would also be wise to find some resources to verify the validity of the schemes. Research will tell how trustworthy a company and its product may be. Research will also help individuals counteract the temptation of buying into potentially fraudulent claims and promises.

To begin research investigating the claims and promises of get rich quick schemes, a person could begin with the Better Business Bureau. This organization specializes in helping individuals research businesses so that they may discern the trustworthiness of a company. Its URL is

For further research on Internet scams, organizations such as MLM Watch ( may prove more useful. MLM Watch provides criticisms of well-known get rich quick schemes. The articles on the site are credited to reputable and significant individuals on both sides of the businesses.

There are three other major Internet frauds, all of them closely related to get rich quick schemes, but they can be resisted in the same ways. First is the category of health-related frauds, which promise that a product can aid a person's health to an unusual degree. Second is the category of focused get rich schemes, which are aimed at stay at home mothers, religious individuals, disabled persons, and so on. Third is the category of businesses with unusually low prices. No matter what form the business takes, please keep in mind that careful thought and research are wise tools for any person.

In addition to this, always be aware of what businesses endorse a scheme, or what a scheme endorses. When suspicion arises, a person should follow the hyperlinks on website to see what exists on the linked page. If any doubt exists over whether there is an endorsement of a get rich quick scheme, it is wise to research the organizations and businesses in question.

In conclusion, it is common to find dubious businesses on the Internet, but it is not inevitable that a person must give in to these schemes. Doing research to investigating the validity of a claims made by a business will not only uncover the trustworthiness of a scheme, but also save an individual from losing time and money.

How do you know if the website you are
visiting is trustworthy? offers free advice about how to stay secure on the Internet.  Internet security is of supreme importance if online privacy is important to you; which is why we encourage you to review our "Top Five Ways to Determine Website Trustworthiness" and then learn more about our free TrustGauge service for surfers!

The TrustGauge is a proprietary service offered via BrowserAccelerator, a freeware tool offered by EMERgency 24 Inc. that acts as an Internet companion during web searching and surfing.

Is it easy to contact the company?
Does the online merchant disclose specific contact information about the business, including a street address, telephone number, fax number and name of an individual to contact?

How do you verify contact information at a website?

Are there privacy and security statements?
Is there an easy-to-find, easy-to-understand privacy policy? Does the policy advise customers of choices regarding the business' collection, use and disclosure of personal information?

What should I look for in a privacy statement when dealing with companies online?

Are terms of the sale clearly disclosed?
Are the terms and conditions of the sale clearly stated, including product availability/shipping information, prices and customer costs, return or refund policy, and warranties and guarantees? Does the merchant provide an opportunity to review and approve the transaction, prior to its completion? Is the consumer provided the option to receive a confirmation of the transaction after it's been completed?

How do I know who I can trust?

Does the site promise customer satisfaction?
Does the merchant have a satisfactory record with the BBB? Does the merchant seek to ensure their customers are satisfied by answering questions and offering to resolve customer complaints and disputes in a timely and responsive manner? Does the online merchant offer either an unconditional money-back guarantee or third-party dispute resolution?

What recourse do I have in term of poor customer satisfaction online?

Why should I get the Trust Gauge?
It's the easiest way to determine if the website you are visiting is Trustworthy!

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