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TrustGauge: Searching For Credibility Online
138,000 people have adopted an alternative to spyware removal programs in TrustGauge.com. The www.TrustGauge.com website reports on the trustworthiness of Internet properties and helps consumers take a proactive approach in locating credible organizations on the Web and avoiding malicious spyware purveyors.

TrustGauge uses a combination of factors to determine a websites’ TrustScore™ including the availability of information about the business such as email and postal address, websites features such as secure billing pages, general traffic popularity (provided by Ranking.com) and the presence or absence of third party validation seals of approval such as those provided by ValidatedSite™ (
www.ValidatedSite.com). Consumers can assess the integrity of Web companies and software purveyors by utilizing TrustGauge™ before initiating a download.

Consumers can also submit reviews and complaints or check the Trust Score™ of individual websites before downloading software by visiting TrustGauge.com. TrustGauge also features a “Review and Complaint” system so that consumers can submit information on any site as they surf the Internet.

"Historically, there has not been a way for consumers to determine the trustworthiness of companies before downloading or any opportunity to complain about an organization when they feel they have been violated," says TrustGauge spokesperson Pete Prestipino. "TrustGauge provides an option for consumers to determine who to do business with first, and recourse when they feel they have been wronged."

TrustGauge has also developed a Spyware Guide for consumers to learn more about what Spyware is and how to protect themselves from this malicious software -

About TrustGauge: TrustGauge.com, part of a family of over 1,000 Internet domains, was developed with the web community (both consumers and website owners) in mind. As a leader in making the Internet all that it can be, TrustGauge’s array of affiliations helps consumers determine the overall trustworthiness of web sites. TrustGauge.com has the backing and resources of EMERgency 24, Inc., its’ 36-year-old U.S. parent company with 24-hour personnel in Chicago, Detroit, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Santiago, Chile.


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online credibility,web site credibility,internet credibility
online credibility,web site credibility,internet credibilityCheck the TrustGauge 
online credibility,web site credibility,internet credibility

Enter the URL of any website to check its' Trust Score and see a preview of the Browser Accelerator toolbar:



online credibility,web site credibility,internet credibilityReviews & Complaints
  online credibility,web site credibility,internet credibility
Submit or check reviews for any site on the Web.


online credibility,web site credibility,internet credibilityDownload the TrustGauge

Take the power of TrustGauge with you wherever you go on the Web with the Browser Accelerator toolbar
- See at a glance the trustworthiness of any website, its' overall popularity ranking and write comments about the site you are visiting from the convenience of your browser window! FREE DOWNLOAD

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Increase your TrustGauge.com TrustScore by providing details about your website and business. Complete the TrustGauge form and start building confidence with consumers!

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online credibility,web site credibility,internet credibilityonline credibility,web site credibility,internet credibility


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online credibility,web site credibility,internet credibility