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Welcome to TrustGauge
TrustGauge is the quickest and easiest way to determine if the website you are visiting is trustworthy. As part of the free BrowserAccelerator toolbar, the TrustGauge helps consumers determine the trustworthiness of any site appearing in their browser window - wherever they are on the web. Join Our 100,000 Member Community Today! Over 25,000 people will become members this month. Visit

TrustGauge™ Scoring Chart:


Substantial information and contact resources provided; recognized as "very trustworthy" by others.


Significant amount of contact information provided; recognized as "trustworthy" by many users.


This site makes contact information readily available; recognized as " moderately trustworthy" by others.


Basic information is provided by this site, recognized as "somewhat trustworthy" by others; average disclosure.


Lacks most basic contact information; recognized as "listed" but with the lowest possible score.

Unrated site; insufficient amount of information is available to properly assign a trust score.

TrustGauge Scores are determined solely by information contained in our database. To modify a website TrustScore, click here.

  Factors used to determine a website TrustScore

Website Content Points

 Website Feature Points

 Email address or feedback form 2
 Secure Billing Pages 2
 Postal address (not a PO box) 2
 Top 100 overall traffic ranking 45
 Brick & Mortar for clients to visit 1
 Top 1,000 overall traffic ranking 35
 Phone number available 1
 Top 10,000 traffic ranking 10
 Toll free phone number 1
 Top 100,000 traffic ranking 5
 A person answers the phone 1
 Top 1,000,000+ traffic ranking 1
 Privacy statement page 2
 Top 10 within business category 5


Total Points


- 50 to 65
- 15 to 49
- 10 to 14
- 1 to 9
Third Party Validation Points
ValidatedSite™ 55
Thawte 27
BBB Privacy Seal 28
Other seals TBD

What Factors Determine a Website Trust Score?

Website Content & Business Availability: TrustGauge scores a website based on the availability of information such as email address, feedback forms, postal address, physical location for clients to visit, available phone numbers, toll free phone numbers, that the customer service or sales office answers the phone and the existence of a privacy policy page.

Website Features & General Popularity: TrustGauge scores a website based on its website features and general popularity among web users; some of the criteria analyzed includes the presence of secure billing pages and their overall traffic rank according to

Third Party Validation: TrustGauge takes trust analysis a step further and checks the presence of third party validation. Websites and businesses that invest in third party validation and verification are awarded additional points for their effort in attempting to build consumer confidence on the Web.

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Benefits of Using the TrustGauge in
Your Everyday Web Surfing...

TrustGauge helps Web surfers save time determining the trustworthiness of websites by collecting information about those websites and sharing that knowledge with consumers through the TrustGauge scoring tool - an unbiased and objective review system which is not sponsored in order to retain total impartiality. By automatically displaying a degree of trustworthiness for each visited site, consumers can see at a glance the same factors that over 100,000 thousand others are using to determine if a website can be trusted.


New Special Feature:
BrowserAccelerator and TrustGauge now features the "Website Review and Complaint System." Help your peers avoid problems with websites you have visited! 

About the Review & Complaint System: 
The TrustGauge system allows end-users to comment upon the websites they do business with. Avoid potential problems and help your online peers by submitting a website review through the BrowserAccelerator toolbar.

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